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Sage BusinessVision

Sage BusinessVision 2015 Accounting Software

More than just accounting software, the award winning Sage BusinessVision is the culmination of over 25 years of experience and expertise. Thousands of businesses from all across North America trust Sage BusinessVision 7 to run their financials and generate significant, tangible results.

Affordable, expandable and remarkably flexible, Sage BusinessVision is the most powerful system in its price range. It is available in four different versions, each a complete integrated and scaleable solution designed to grow as your company grows.

Sage BusinessVision Feature Summary:
The uniquely advanced features of Sage BusinessVision include eighteen* fully integrated modules, delivering a robust, industrial-strength business management and accounting system for today’s business environment. Sage BusinessVision comes in four Editions, allowing for from one single user to up to 100+ users at one time. Optional multiple-user LAN Packs can be added, allowing for up to 100+ concurrent users.

Expandable, and reliable, over 120,000 satisfied users have relied on BusinessVision every day to run their businesses efficiently.

Customizable to Meet Your Unique Requirements!

The award winning Sage BusinessVision is not only flexible, when you use the option CustomPack, it’s also customizable! Start with one of our specially designed industry specific templates, or create your own fields from scratch. Sage BusinessVision is a perfect fit.

Sage BusinessVision Product Line Details:

  • Limited Edition (1 User) –  A Single user solution designed as a starting point for companies looking for the robust feature set of BusinessVision.
  • Small Business Edition (3 Users) – The next level in enterprise management, this 3-user system builds on the functionality first introduced in the Limited Edition.
  • Standard Editions (5 to 10 Users) – Fully featured and optimized for mid-sized enterprises, this 5-user system is expandable to 15 in multiples of 5 with the optional LAN-Pack(s).
  • SQL Client Server Edition (10 to 100+ Users) – Designed for high transaction, heavy user load situations, this industrial-strength 10-user system is expandable to over 100 users in multiples of 10 with the optional LAN-Pack(s).
  • CustomPack (Customization Add-On) – Sage BusinessVision offers unsurpassed flexibility, but those looking for a custom solution use the WorkBook element of the CustomPack to customize their system to meet the unique requirements of their business. WorkBook allows you to add new fields to each major module, in order to cater for these specific requirements. WorkBook data can be added to existing reports and forms, and you can also create entirely new reports using this additional information. (Report creation requires Crystal Reports Software). CustomPack is comprised of five powerful elements: Customer Specific Pricing, WorkBook, Mail Merge, Document Linking, and SuperTicker.
  • Multiple Currency Manager (Add-On) – Fully-integrated with Sage BusinessVision, the Multiple Currency Manager provides the ability to enter, process and report on business and accounting tasks in foreign currencies. Designed to automatically perform foreign currency accounting and conversions to base currency – all in real-time! The unique AutoPost feature actually creates the required foreign currency journal entries and General Ledger accounts automatically – no manual set-up of multiple foreign accounts required – simply process the transaction and appropriate General Ledger accounts for the currency are created on-the-fly.

* – Limited and Small Business Editions include 16 modules (Bill of Materials and Budgets & Forecasts not included)