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Materials Requirements

Invertech MRA, MRA Plus & MRA HistoryAdvanced Inventory Software

Materials Requirements Analysis Software for your business.

Invertech MRA – Materials Requirements Analysis (MRP I):

Invertech MRA is a decision support utility designed to assist with vital analysis and planning activities as they relate to product demand. With a direct integration to the most popular accounting packages, Invertech MRA will analyze sales, forecasts, purchasing, inventory and bill of material data to determine your material requirements. The resulting analysis spells out the what’s, when’s, why’s and where’s in laymen’s terms. Now any company can minimize their inventory investment, while improving customer service and increasing overall productivity

Invertech MRA Plus – Materials Requirements Analysis Plus Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II):

Invertech MRA Plus® was designed to do for production and capacity what Invertech MRA has done for material requirements. Completing the loop, Invertech MRA Plus uses material requirements generated by Invertech MRA to more accurately plan your capacity requirements and scheduled production activity.
From pre-production planning through the analysis of job costs, Invertech MRA Plus has become an indispensable tool for many companies. Incorporating critical data from the shop floor, production scheduling is created faster and more accurately, allowing you to review and adjust each schedule before production starts. Detailed activity can then be entered on a job-by-job basis tracking labor, production and material usage. Production information can then be analyzed, providing the immediate feedback needed to improve overall plant efficiency.

Invertech MRA History – Plan for Future Sales Using Your Historical Sales Data:

Invertech MRA® History is a set of forecasting and sales analysis tools designed to collect store and analyze your host accounting software sales data. Using this critical data to examine, evaluate and predict your sales activity has never been easier.
Invertech MRA History gives you the flexibility to create forecasts based on both historical sales data and calculated economic order quantities. The resulting forecast analysis can be displayed in a variety of forms. Generated forecasts may be used by Invertech MRA as a source of demand when calculating material requirements. Quickly see the contribution each product and or salesman makes to your companies overall business plan. Invertech MRA History is another quality tool from Invertech Corporation allowing you to maximize your companies software investments.