Clearview Business Solutions Inc.


Our philosophy is to provide you with the type of value added service and pricing that we would expect if the roles were reversed …

Consulting Services

Clearview Business Solutions Inc. provides a selection of specific consulting services targeted at growing, emerging and stressed organizations in need of third party assistance.

We have a wide range of hands-on experience in the following areas:

Financial management for small to mid-size organizations
Budgeting and Planning
Develop and implement financial procedures and streamlining
Develop meaningful management reporting
Identify weaknesses then recommend & implement internal controls
Implement accounting and management systems; train staff
Document policies and procedures
Develop spreadsheet models
And more …

Five Reasons to hire Clearview Business Solutions Inc.

1. Real-World Experience – We provide practical business advice and marketing help based on real-world experience. “We have walked in your shoes; therefore, we understand your problems better.”

2. Straightforward, Objective Advice That Works. As an outsider, we can offer objective opinions and analysis. You benefit from honest and neutral third-party advice, obtained from many years of business and marketing experience. “We’ll tell you what we think, not just what we think you want to hear.”

3. A Source Of Ideas, Strategies and Tactics. Throughout our career, we have been forced to seek out and develop creative solutions to problems in a wide variety of situations. “We want you to find that you can bounce ideas off us and that they often come back improved and enhanced.”

4. Focused On Your Goals. Goals are never achieved unless someone champions them. We will work with you to help you realize your ambitions. “Consider our meetings as a pre-scheduled time to focus on goals and a time to set aside the daily distractions and work on what’s important to your business.”

5. Cost Effective. Our fee structure can be tailored to your needs. You benefit from great advice that won’t break your budget. “Have you ever paid a consultant and wondered what you paid for in terms of actual results? Well those days of hit and run can be over”